AU: Report says member states in huge arrears

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- The African Union (AU) sub-committees have prepared a repo rt that paints an alarming picture of the state of subscriptions of member state s with debts in excess of US$120 million over the past two years.
In the report intended for the Regular Representatives Committee (COREP), whose 18th ordinary session began on Wednesday in Sirte, 600 kms from Tripoli in central Libya, the contribution sub-committee stressed the weak level of contri b utions.
According to the report, a copy of which PANA has obtained, for the current year , member states have contributed only US$3.
937 million out of a total of US$89.
8 6 7 million, representing only 5% of the overall amount of contributions owed by t h e member states.
This means some US$86 million is yet to be recovered by the sub - committee.
On the general financial situation of the AU, the contribution sub-committee of the organization expressed “concern” about the difficulties in collecting contri b utions as well as outstanding amounts.
By 2008, the outstanding amount was put at US$ 41 million while the figure owed by member states for 2009 financial year is US$86 million.
It said 22 out of the 53 members of the AU had outstanding arrears of one year o r more, while 25 other states had not paid their contributions for the current f i nancial year.
The report said 5 countries had paid off their contributions in full in the curr ent financial year.
They are Rwanda, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and the Democra t ic Republic of Congo, while Angola has paid its 2010 bill in advance.
Countries subject to sanctions since last year - Cape Verde, Eritrea, Sao Tome e Principe and the Seychelles – have not paid up while The Comoros and Somalia ow e more than two years of contributions.
In another development, out of 5 countries described as big contributing countri es of the AU, 3 of them are yet to honour their commitments to the Pan-African o r ganization.
Nigeria owes more that US$30 million to the organization for 2008 and 2009 finan cial years, while South Africa’s total outstanding debts are US$11.
5 million.
Libya is also placed on this list for some outstanding debts amounting to US$14 million.
Sources say the 2009 budget for the Pan-African organization agreed in January i n Addis Ababa amounted to 164.
2 million.

27 june 2009 16:08:00

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