AU: Nigeria hails new deal on African Authority

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- Nigerian Vice President Jonathan Goodluck has hailed African leaders for agreeing to set up the Union Authority, noting that the Afri can Union Commission (AUC) would succeed in combating the resurgence of conflict s within the continent.
Speaking shortly after the leaders meeting for the third-day in a row to discuss the formation of the AU Authority reached an accord to set up the Authority, the Nigerian Vice-President said the time had come for Africa to take responsibility for her own problems and address them at the continental level.
“African countries’ relations with the West are poor, therefore, we need to take ownership of the continent for us to move forward and we need to focus on common interest for Africa,” the Nigerian Vice President told a news conference on Friday.
African leaders agreed to create the new African Authority with powers to coordinate foreign policy, trade and defence policies across the continent in a landmark agreement, which experts said would further streamline the operations of the newly created African Union Authority.
African leaders have been given up to January 2010 to finalise the ratification of the amended treaty establishing the African Authority, which also defines the new roles of the new Secretaries to be appointed.
Goodluck emphasized that Africa needed a common defence policy, noting that single African states could not protect themselves from external or internal conflicts and that a united African position on defence policies was required.
“The heads of state discussed the issue of security on the continent but many believed that the governance system of many African countries is not good for the continent,” he said.
The Nigerian Vice President cited the cases of Somalia, Eritrea and Madagascar as countries that were still in conflict and needed the attention of the African leaders.
He said the issue of security could not be finalized by the African leaders.
The African leaders agreed on the need to have an extraordinary session of the Assembly to discuss the state of security in Africa.
On the issue of regional security, he said the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) met and agreed to review the region’s efforts and interventions on regional security.
He said the issue of general security in the region was discussed more proactive ly so that the continent could move forward in the area of security.

03 juillet 2009 21:23:00

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