ANC women march against racism

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The African National Congress Women's League on Wednesday mobilised hundreds of community members and women in support of a march called by the Ministers Fraternal in the Southern Cape town of George.
The march was part of a series of activities this month in the run-up to the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.
George was the scene of a horrific racial attack earlier this month when Wanda Stoffberg, a white butchery owner was attacked by two men wearing balaclavas at the gate of her smallholding outside the town.
The men carved the letter 'K' on her breast.
It is believed that the letter represents the word 'kaffir, a hated racial slur in South Africa.
The men attacked her from behind, hitting, kicking and throttling her, and then one of them carved the letter into her left breast.
Stoffberg who was in the news recently when she approached the ANC for help in a dispute over the zoning of her butchery, said the attack was racially motivated because one of the men called her a 'kaffir boetie' (a lover of blacks).
Although, she is unable to identify her assailants, she said the man who cut her was white.
She was not seriously injured in the attack.
Stoffberg has been running the Vleispaleis Butchery since 1995.
She employs 43 people and most of her customers are black.
"As women we were shocked and moved by the trauma of Wanda Stofberg.
Many people in George -- Africans, Coloureds and Whites -- condemned the attack," women's league chairperson Nomatyala Hangana said.
"We call on all our people to join the struggle against racism.
Let us unite and defeat this demon once and for all".

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