ANC slams DA for lack of equal representation

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The provincial leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape has accused the ruling Democratic Alliance (DA) of failing to tackle racism in the region.
ANC spokesman Clayton Wakeford said the leadership of the DA remains almost exclusively white, sending the message that the DA is not serious about non-racialism in the Western Cape.
"They are not for all the people, never have been for all the people and never will be for all the people.
Once again they have failed to appoint a representative structure for an institution which is supposed to give guidance on a matter of critical importance to our province," Wakeford said.
He pointed out that the province was chastised by the Public Service Commission for failing to establish representivity at senior management level in the provincial administration.
Women make up 12 percent of the leadership, coloureds (mixed race) 26 percent, blacks 2 percent and whites 70 percent.
"We have a provincial cabinet which is not representative of the people of the province.
The DA at the unicity have appointed a totally unrepresentative interim management team with 12 of the 16 positions being allocated to managers drawn only from the white community.
" ANC spokesperson on housing, Cameron Dugmore, said he is deeply disturbed at the DA's point blank refusal to establish representative institutions in the province.

04 july 2001 16:46:00

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