ADB observes Africa Malaria Day

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Abidjan-based African Development Bank on Wednesday joined in celebrations marking the first annual Africa Malaria Day to show its solidarity with its member countries battling the killer disease.
In a press release, the ADB recalled the commitment by African leaders during the African Summit on Malaria last April to reducing the burden of malaria by 50 percent by 2010.
Malaria kills one million out of the estimated 300 million cases that occur in Africa annually.
The release noted that diminishing investments in malaria control have been compounded by losses in economic growth attributable to the high prevalence of malaria in Africa.
The ADB stressed the need for concerted actions to reduce the prevalence of the preventable disease.
The most affected populations are inevitably the least able to protect themselves.
The Bank welcomed the consensus by African governments to embrace the "Roll Back Malaria" project launched by the World Health Organisation.
The utilisation of insecticide treated mosquito nets was highlighted during the first Africa Malaria Day.
The ADB has provided development assistance to several member states to combat malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis as part of the poverty-alleviation strategy.

26 april 2001 20:40:00

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