ADB joins Africa's struggle against Malaria

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Abidjan-based African Development Bank (ADB) this week indicated it was throwing its weight behind Africa's fight with Malaria.
In a release the ADB said it would grant development aid to several member States to prop their efforts at eradicating malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis within the framework of the bank's poverty alleviation drive.
The ADB recalled the undertaking by African leaders at last year's Summit on HIV/AIDS, to roll back malaria by 50 per cent come the year 2010.
The ADB insisted on the need for concerted action to reduce the prevalence rate of diseases that can be prevented.
It also noted that the most affected populations were naturally those least capable of protecting themselves.
The ADB expressed satisfaction with the consensus reached by African governments on the "Roll Back Malaria" project, launched last year by the World Health Organisation.

27 april 2001 13:26:00

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