9 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in dawn raids

Cairo- Egypt (PANA) -- Egyptian security officials arrested at least nine members of the banned opposition Muslim Brotherhood movement, the group said Sunday as t he Police have also confirmed that early morning raids had taken place.
On the opposition group's Web site, a list of names of those detained Sunday wer e published.
The arrests took place in the northern governorate of Sharqiya, one of the Islam ic group's stronger areas of support.
The Brotherhood has been the target of the government since achieving success in the 2005 Parliamentary elections, gaining some 25 per cent of the seats in the c ountry's most powerful legislative body.
Arrests against the group had seemingly died down over the past two months follo wing a local council election 8 April, but Sunday's arrests show that the govern m ent is continuing to put pressure on the organisation's members.
According to rights groups, over 500 members of the group remain behind bars in crackdowns by security personnel.
The Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mehdi Akef has repeatedly said these arre sts "will not dampen" the group's resolve to push for change.

25 may 2008 11:58:00

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