8 countries default on contributions to AU for 2 years

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Eight African countries have not paid their statutory contributions to the African Union (AU) for at least two years, an AU subcommittee noted in a report to the Permanent Representatives Committee, meeting here ahead of next week's AU summit.
The report identified the 8 countries as Cape Verde, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Eritrea, Sao Tomé and Principe, Seychelles, Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau and the Comoros.
In principle, these countries are liable to sanctions by the executive committee, which is to begin its pre-summit session on Thursday.
However, the countries can still avert sanctions if they pay up in the days leading up to the 1-3 Feb.
Any country under sanction will not be allowed to participate in meetings and debates or vote during the summit.
As at 19 November, contributions from member states amount to US$73.
431 million, US$63.
513 million of which was for the the 2008 financial year, while US$9.
3 million represented arrears of contributions.
The report said four member states - Angola, Burkina Faso, Congo and Kenya - have paid their contributions in advance to the AU.
It said that out of the 53 member states of the pan African organization, only 19 members are up to date in their payment, while 14 members have one-year outstanding payment.
Also, contributions from AU partners for the current year amount to US$66 million.

28 january 2009 09:03:00

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