8,000 women tested HIV-positive in Rwanda in 2010

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - More than 8,000 women tested positive to HIV, representing 2.7 per cent of the womenfolk in Rwanda in 2010, a report issued Thursday by the country's National Statistical Institute (NISR) said.

According to the document posted on the NISR website, the contraceptive methods used by couples revealed that the majority, estimated at 80,906 families, resorted to Jadelle, a contraceptive drug.

This method is used in Rwanda to prevent pregnancy, especially among mothers living with HIV/AIDS, to avoid contamination of the new-born, informed sources revealed.

In 2010, some 9,776 couples were identified to be living with HIV and AIDS, out of 354,856 families across the nation, according to official reports.

The AIDS prevalence rate in the country is estimated at seven per cent in urban areas and three per cent in rural ones.

10 Março 2011 19:45:01

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