76 000 children to be vaccinated in central Senegal

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Health officials say some 76 000 children below five years would be vaccinated in Senegal's third largest town, Kaolack, some 189 km from Dakar, during a national vaccination campaign starting next Monday.
Press reports ahead of the campaign quoted health officials in Kaolack as saying that about 896 nurses and 90 supervisors would be needed to carry out the exercise that would cover 54,572 homes.
Health officials attributed the failure of the national vaccination campaign day last year to the lack of sufficient doses, few nurses and supervisors as well as low motivation.
Kasnack health centre head, Mamadou Lamine Beye, said the operation this time around is targeting about 80 percent of children due vaccination, but warned that this would require greater mobilisation of parents.
Traditional authorities tend to perceive the vaccinations rather as attempts by health officials to sterilise children with a view to controlling population growth, the local press noted.
"We have sensitised the marabous (spiritual leaders) this year so they could help us up attain our goal," Beye affirmed, adding that "paradoxically, there is less reticence in the rural areas than in the urban areas.
" He said refrigerators have been made available to all health centres in the town and vaccines fully supplied, but added that local health officials still awaited the disbursement of 11 million francs CFA francs to pay nurses and supervisors enlisted in the campaign.

08 november 2001 16:49:00

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