5 local govt. officials freed after 2 months of rebel captivity

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Regional authorities on Tuesday said they freed five local government officials in Darfur, ending more than 65 days of captivity at the hands of a Darfur rebel faction, the Sudan Liberation Movement, who they accused of abusing and maltreating them.

The official SUNA news agency, reporting from north Darfur State capital of Al Fashir, said authorities there managed to free the five officials of Tawela District from more than two months of captivity by Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) faction.

It said the five officials, including one senior accountant, one endowment and zakat official, one policeman and two accountants, who were freed on Monday, were captured by SLM Carbbino faction while they were returning to Al- Fashir from an official mission in Gallab area, in the same state.

In a celebration organized by the State’s administrative officers in Al Fashir, welcoming the former captives back, Deputy Governor Al-Fatih Abdul Aziz Abdul Nabi, commended the role being played by the administrative officers, the sacrifices they are willing to offer and the challenges they are confronting during the ongoing conflict.

He expressed appreciation to all parties that have contributed to freeing the former hostages, although he stopped short of explaining how the officials were freed, those involved in their freedom and where they were held during their captivity.

An Administrative Officer, Abdul Aziz Mohamed Ahmed Shiddo, claimed, according to the agency, that the freed hostages were kidnapped on 22 June and were subjected to torture and other acts of abuse throughout their 67 days of captivity.
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