5 killed, 20 wounded in fresh Somali clan clashes

Mogadishu- Somalia (PANA) -- At least five persons were killed and 20 others wounded Tuesday evening in heavy fighting between two clans in Koryoley district in lower Shabele region of southern Somalia.
Efforts by Somalia elders and members of Somali national forces to stop the fighting have remained futile.
According to reports from Shabele, some 150km south of Mogadishu, the rival clans started the fighting in the early morning of Tuesday in the village of Donburale in Koryole district, using weapons including AK-47 rifles.
The reports gave no reasons for the clashes, but Elder Omar Farhan told PANA in an interview from Donborale village that residents of both clans disagreed over a traditional dance held in the village where they had used abusive language against each other.
Other sources said the clashes were sparked by an argument over a grazing land when members of one of the clans drove their cattle into a farm belonging to the other clan.
Meanwhile, Somali elders and troops from the Somalia national forces are currently in Koryole trying to convince the feuding parties to cease-fire and start negotiations.

23 january 2002 20:12:00

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