5,385 HIV patients officially registered in Libya

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – There are 5,385 people suffering from HIV/AIDS in Libya, the Executive Director of the Libyan National Solidarity League with HIV patients, Mohamed Belhaj, has revealed.

However, only 2,800 of them attend treatment regularly at the National Centre for Struggle against HIV/AIDS (CNLS), Belhaj said in an interview with PANA on the World Aids Day, celebrated worldwide on 1 December, 2013.

Belhaj said it the number of sufferers could be more following the refusal of victims to come forward because of the social taboo associated with the disease in the country.

Belhaj deplored the fact that there is only one centre offering treatment to the patients in the country.

He said that in Benghazi, for example, there were only 40 beds for thousands of patients, disclosing that 87 per cent of HIV/AIDS patients in Libya were drug addicts, citing a survey by the CNLS.

He urged the government to open a specialized centre equipped with a hundred beds for the treatment of HIV patients and a special ward for women.

Belhaj said the objectives of the League include sensitizing patients and their families who have the means to protect themselves and others, and to fight discrimination against sufferers.

The League, he added, is to protect the rights of the HIV/AIDS patients.
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