4 Cameroon gorillas illegally taken to Malaysia for return home

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Four gorillas originating from the western plains of Cameroon and illegally introduced in the Taiping zoo, in Malaysia, on the basis of forged documents, will be returned to Cameroon in November, announces a statement from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).
The gorillas, one male and three females, will be transferred to the Cameroonian Rehabilitation Center for Primates, marking the end the five-year saga around these four gorillas seized by the Malaysian government in 2004 and later transferred to the Pretoria zoo, in South Africa.
The official announcement of the transfer of the gorillas, dubbed the "Taiping four", was made by Derek Hanekom, the South African deputy minister of Science and Technology, during a ceremony organised Friday at the Pretoria zoo.
Representatives of the Malaysian and Cameroonian governments, as well as officials from IFAW, the agency sponsoring the transfer of the gorillas, attended the ceremony.
The statement said an intense campaign launched by IFAW and several other associations, including the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), the Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA), the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) and the Born Free Foundation, will make the transfer possible.

15 september 2007 11:45:00

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