4,705 people live with HIV in Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - Mauritius officially has 4,705 people living with the HIV virus, but the Mauritian Minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee, estimated that more than 9,000 Mauritians were currently suffering of the disease.

The official figure comprises 3,799 men and 906 women.

Some 40 per cent of HIV patients in Mauritius are unaware they are living with the virus, the Minister said on the occasion of the World AIDS Day celebrated every 1 December.

According to official figures, 74 per cent of PLWHAS are drug users, while the prevalence rate of the disease is estimated at 0.97 per cent of the population.

To date, about 2,740 people living with HIV are receiving treatment in hospitals in Mauritius.
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