35 persons wounded in a clash

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) -- Bloody clash opposed Monday the national police and the security forces at Monrovia's main seaport, leaving at least 35 security officers and civilians wounded, some seriously.
Twenty two national police officers were wounded, 12 of whom are in serious condition, while 13 workers of the Freeport of Monrovia were hurt, some presently admitted in local hospitals.
The police spokesman, Alvin Jask, told reporters today that the fight started when the police was pursuing a seaport police officer allegedly involved in the smuggling of fuel from the port.
Jask said the operation to pursue the fuel thieves was led by national Police Inspector General, Beatrice Sieh, who, he claimed, was "held hostage" by the port security.
Forces of the United Nations Mission in Liberia UNMIL) had to move in to bring the situation under control.
A major investigation is currently underway by Liberian security authorities into today's violence.

09 july 2007 16:29:00

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