3 Mozambicans behind bars for 'defaming' Chissano

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- Three Mozambicans were remanded in the northern town of Angoche on charges of defaming President Joaquim Chissano for being in possession of a leaflet local authorities said was 'libellous'.
Issufo Raju, Yacub Abudo and Jamal Ussene were arrested last Saturday, and a judge authorised their continued detention on Monday, the independent newsletter "Mediafax" reported here Friday.
Angoche district judge Johar Ibraimo said he had ordered the men remanded because the case had been sent to the provincial capital, Nampula city, "given the seriousness of the matter, which is defaming the head of state".
But he also admitted that the police was yet to find the author of the offending leaflet.
A probe by "Mediafax" revealed that copies of the leaflet were scattered around Angoche on the night of 22 October and the three were arrested when found with the document.
It accuses President Chissano of regionalism, and being "the author" of most of the well-known political deaths of the past three decades - the deaths of his two predecessors as president of Frelimo (Eduardo Mondlane and Samora Machel), journalist Carlos Cardoso, economist Siba-Siba Macuacua, and Frelimo political committee member Rafael Maguni.
While the leaflet appears to be anonymous, a group calling itself "Antigos combatentes" (former Frelimo guerrillas who fought in the war for independence) is claiming responsibility for its production.

29 Outubro 2004 18:34:00

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