2018 FIFA U-20 WWC Qualifiers: 3 teams through to 2nd-round on walkovers

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) - Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Burundi are through to the second round of the African qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA Under-20 Women's World Cup.

According to the CAF media outlet, Sierra Leone walked over Tunisia after the Tunisians withdrew.

Burundi also walked over Rwanda after the Rwandans withdrew while Guinea, which suffered a humiliating 9-0 loss at home, withdrew prior to the second leg against Cameroon.

Other second-round qualifiers are expected this weekend from these second-leg, first-round matches (first-leg results in brackets).

Kenya vs Ethiopia (2-2) on Saturday.
Senegal vs Morocco (0-2) on Saturday.
Namibia vs South Africa (0-5).on Sunday.
Tanzania vs Nigeria (0-3) on Sunday.
Ghana vs Algeria (5-0) on Sunday.
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30 september 2017 05:38:17

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