2017 FIFA Beach Soccer WC: Nigeria salvages some pride, beats Mexico 5-4

Nassau, Bahamas (PANA) - After their disastrous opening match, Nigeria on Saturday kept quarter-final qualification hopes alive, managing a 5-4 win over Mexico in a Group B match at the current 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Bahamas.

A woeful 6-12 loser against Italy in the opening group match on Thursday, the Nigerians scored their winning goal against Mexico on Saturday in extra time through Azeez Abu.

Reports from Nassau, venue of the match, say the Nigerians had to fight back to defeat Mexico, now eliminated even with one match still to go, in extra time in the first drawn match in regulation time at Bahamas 2017.

It was the Mexicans that initially took control of the contest after goals from Abdiel Villa, Angel Rodriguez and Ramon Maldonado.

However, the West Africans responded with a pair of goals from Emeka Ogbonna and Azeez Abu before a late Victor Tale penalty resulted in the first regulation-time draw at Bahamas 2017.

Nigeria outlasted Mexico in the extra-time period, with Abu scoring the winner just seconds from the end to claim the two points on offer.

The rules of the game indicate that each team earns three points for a win in regulation time, two points for a win in extra time, one point for a win in a penalty shoot-out, and no points for a defeat.

Nigeria now places third in Group B with two points although Day 3 matches are still to come. The Italians, Day 2 match winners 5-4 over Iran plus the victory over Nigeria in addition to a quarter-final ticket in hand, lead the group with 6 points. Iran is second on the table with 3 points.

The second qualifier in that group will be either Nigeria or Iran. That will only happen after their Day 3 matches on Monday - Italy vs Mexico and Nigeria vs Iran.
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