2017 FIFA Beach Soccer WC: 4 more nations qualify for quarter-finals

Nassau, Bahamas (PANA) - Four more countries, including Beach Soccer power house, Brazil, on Tuesday qualified for the quarter-finals of the ongoing 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Bahamas.

The other three qualifiers on Tuesday are Portugal, Paraguay and Tahiti. All four join the four which qualified on Monday (Senegal, Switzerland, Italy and Iran) for the knockout stage.

In their last Group D match, the most successful nation in Beach Soccer history, Brazil, defeated Japan 9-3 to win the group on 9 points, ahead of second-placed Tahiti which defeated Poland 8-4 to qualify on 6 points. Japan and Poland were eliminated from that group.

Brazil has won the title 13 times - 9 times when it was called the Beach Soccer World Championship (from 1995 to 2004) and 4 times after it was renamed FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup (from 2005 to date).

While Tahiti has won the silver medal in 2015 and finished fourth when it hosted in 2013, Paraguay, which defeated Panama 5-2 to emerge Group C winners and qualified on 6 points, has not tasted championship victory before.

Defending champions Portugal qualified as Group C second-place winners after beating United Arab Emirates 2-1 in extra time for a total of 5 points. Panama and United Arab Emirates have therefore exited the tournament from that group.

Below is the final group tables after three rounds of matches.

Group A
Pos Team          Pts
1      Switzerland  7
2      Senegal         6
3      Bahamas   3
4      Ecuador   0
Note - Switzerland, Senegal qualify for quarter-finals. Bahamas and Ecuador knocked out.

Group B
Pos Team Pts
1 Italy   9
2 Iran   4
3 Nigeria  2
4 Mexico 0
Note - Italy and Iran qualify for quarter-finals, Nigeria and Mexico knocked out.

Group C
Pos Team                           Pts
1 Paraguay                    6
2 Portugal                      5
3 United Arab Emirates     4
4 Panama                             0
Note - Paraguay and Portugal qualify for quarter-finals, United Arab Emirates and Panama go home.

Group D
Pos Team   Pts
1 Brazil        9
2 Tahiti        6
3 Japan       3
4 Poland     0
Note - Brazil and Tahiti qualify for quarter-finals, Japan and Poland return home.
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