20% of Congolese children affected by malnutrition – UNICEF Official

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) – Twenty per cent of Congolese children (or one in every five children) are affected by malnutrition, according to Mrs. Marianne Flach, the country representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Congo, announced here Monday.

She disclosed the figures shortly after her meeting with the Congolese Minister for Industrial Development and Private Sector Promotion, Isidore Mvouba.

She said that 20% of children living in Congo are suffering chronic malnutrition while 6% are affected by acute malnutrition.

During their meeting, the Congolese Minister and Mrs. Flach identified a few strategies aimed at effectively addressing the issue of chronic malnutrition of children in Congo.

One of the strategies is the quick production and use of enriched flour in order to reinforce the child’s immune system.

The UN agency is highly concerned about child malnutrition and thinks it deserves particular attention as it impacts negatively on the child’s performance at school.

It also pledged full support to the Congolese’ ministry of Industrial Development and Private Sector Promotion in the production of fortified sugar, a common method to combat vitamin A

18 février 2013 15:34:15

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