20,000 Burundian refugees poised to go back home

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Over 20,000 Burundian refugees would put an end to t heir exile and get back home during 2010 from Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic R e public of Congo and Malawi, according to Ms.
Immaculأ©e Nahayo, Burundian Minist e r for National Solidarity, Repatriation of Refugees and Social Reintegration.
Burundi would then turn over a new leaf after facing one of Africa's oldest refu gees issue.
A number of Burundian refugees who are candidates for repatriation fled from the ir country during the first civil war, which took place in the 70s, to find shel t er in neighbouring countries.
Repatriation operations which are monitored by the United Nations High Commissio n for Refugees (UNHCR) started since 2002.
Up to date, over 400,000 Burundian were repatriated mainly from Tanzania.
Burundi is still carrying stigma of a decade-long civil war which literally unde rmined the country's socio-economic fabric with a result of 68 per cent of the p o pulation living below poverty line, the UN said.

17 février 2010 17:56:00

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