2 African cities for network of “Houses of Knowledge of Francophonie"

Paris- France (PANA) -- The cities of Kinshasa, in DR of Congo and Ouagadougou, i n Burkina Faso, have been selected to be part of the network of "Houses of Knowl e dge of the Francophonie,” an official source in Paris told PANA here.
According to the permanent secretariat of the International Association of Franc ophone Mayors (AIMF), the two African capitals have been chosen, along with Chis n au, in Moldavia and Hué, in Vietnam, after a call for candidacies.
“Each House of Knowledge will be endowed with 25-30 computing sets and component s (digital video, projector, scanner, TV set, video-conference, a document centr e /video library, conference and training rooms along with socio-cultural areas fo r socio-cultural activities,” a covering memorandum revealed.
The wish for creating Houses of Knowledge of the Francophonie was expressed in 2 006 in Bucharest during the Summit of the International Organisation of the Fran c ophonie.
These new structures were supposed to favour access, at a least cost, to knowled ge while reducing the digital divide between the north and the south.
"Cities play in this project are core role, as they will ensure the management a nd animation of Houses of Knowledge,” the project promoters stressed, recalling t hat they link IOF, AIMF, the Francophone channel TV5 to the University Agency of the Francophonie (UAF).

19 may 2009 19:49:00

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