2,076 Burundian refugees return from Tanzania

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Some 2,076 Burundian refugees returned from neighbouring Tanzania to their eastern home province of Ruyigi, between 1 April and 15 May, the Burundi News Agency (ABP) reported Saturday.
The returnees were from refugee camps in Karago, Nduta, Kanebwa and Gitare in Tanzania's north-western District of Kigoma.
The news agency said the returnees travelled on foot after waiting in vain to be picked up by lorries hired by the UN High Commission for Refugees under the February tripartite agreement, involving the UNHCR and the governments of Burundi and Tanzania.
ABP quoted officials of the Burundi Ministry in charge of repatriating and rehabilitating the refugees as saying the repatriation had been considerably slowed down by insecurity and hostile weather.
Bridges linking Tanzania and Burundi have been reportedly damaged by heavy rains in the region.
An estimated 400,000 Burundians are exiled in Tanzania, some having lived abroad for 30 years.

18 may 2002 19:00:00

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