1st Black writers, artists congress ends 50th anniversary

Paris- France (PANA) -- The 50th anniversary celebration of the first congress of Black writers and artists draws to a close here Friday at the UNESCO House and the University Paris-Sorbonne.
Commemoration kicked off Tuesday and is being held in the form of tributes, balance sheets and future prospects.
This event is an initiative of UNESCO in collaboration with the city of Paris, the Présence Africaine Publishers, African Community of Culture, W.
B Dubois Institute for African and African-American Research (Harvard University), France Culture and International Francophonie Organisation (OIF).
Commemoration of this congress, which was first held in Sorbonne 19-21 September 1956, is in tribute to its initiators, organisers said.
After the opening ceremony Tuesday, participants Wednesday deliberated around the theme: "The contribution of the first international congress of Black writers and artists to contemporary thinking".
According to some participants, the congress "gives a status to the Black world, to its cultures and civilisations" in conformity with the aims of its organisers.
Having taken place in the post-war context, it contributed to the expansion of identity and liberation movements.
Alioune Diop, Aimé Césaire, Richard Wright and Léopold Sédar Senghor have defined it as the "Cultural Bandoeng", one year after the Afro- Asian meeting of 1955.
The impact of this meeting was to be visible in 1959, at the second congress which was held in Rome (Italy) and during which Guinea, after the independence gained by Ghana, announced the independence era and the triumph of its liberation movements.
The 1956 Congress paved the way for the world festival of Negro arts, which was held in Dakar in 1966, the Panafrican festival of Algiers (1969), the initiator of the Panafrican cultural manifesto, adopted by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1976.
Participants exchanged views under the supervision of moderator Amadou Makhtar Mbow, former Director General of UNESCO.

22 Setembro 2006 11:59:00

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