16th World Congress of CI set for 13 October in Lisbon

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Consumers International (CI), a global federation of more than 250 consumer organizations in 115 countries, will hold its 16th World Congress 13-17 October in Lisbon, Portugal with active participation from its Office for Africa (CI-ROAF).
CI-ROAF head office in Harare said Wednesday in a release that the congress will dwell on how the consumer movement can adapt to the new challenges it is facing into the 21st century under the title: "The future of consumer protection: representation, regulation and empowerment in a world economy".
It said seven executives of CI-ROAF would address the Congress, organised in partnership with the Portuguese Association for Consumer Defence (DECO), on topics ranging from consumer capacity building to education and protection for consumers worldwide.
More than 600 delegates expected at the congress include nearly 100 participants from Africa who will discuss consumer protection, food safety, biotechnology, public utilities and the growth of the e-commerce and cross-border retailing.
The African participants will also examine the impact of trade regulation in steady increase and how corporations are yielding more power than governments, the release said.

08 Outubro 2003 23:12:00

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