16,000 people receiving ARV treatment in Rwanda

Kigali- Rwanda (PANA) -- About 16,080 people, including 7,210 women and 8,870 men are receiving anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in Rwanda, while only half of children HIV-positive are getting triple therapy to withstand the pandemic, official sources in Kigali told PANA Friday.
According to a report by the Rwandan HIV-AIDS Treatment and Research Centre, ARV treatment is administered to many patients (58 per cent) in 143 health centers in the country, while referral clinics and hospitals distribute such drugs only in a proportion of two per cent and six per cent, respectively, of infected people.
However, the report has indicated a rise in the number of couples taking to voluntary testing over the last five years.
The number of couples tested this year is 101,263, against the 59,216 in 2005.
The report was published a week after the end of a three-month campaign in Rwanda intended to raise awareness in this small central African country about the to use of condoms, as an effective method to fight against AIDS, and family planning.
In Rwanda, the prevalence of HIV is estimated at 3.
1 per cent, according to a demographic health survey conducted in 2008 by the government.

19 march 2010 16:22:00

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