100 die in Darfur tribal clashes

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - A report compiled by UN agencies has said that recent tribal clashes in Darfur resulted in 100 deaths in East Darfur while the official media said at least 700 families have been displaced from their homes.

The report, prepared by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), in collaboration with humanitarian partners in Sudan, said "on 10 August at least 100 people were killed following inter-tribal fighting between the Misseriya and Ma’aliya tribes in East Darfur’s Adila locality over the ownership of land located north of Ed Daein town in Kilakil Abu Salama.

But the official Sudan news agency, reporting from Darfur region, said government mediation team, including two Governors from Darfur and a Federal Minister, had been able to calm the two sides in preparation for a tribal reconciliation conference that would end the tension there.

The agency said an estimated 3,000 people, from 700 families, have been displaced to a remote area away from their homes and that they were currently living in “tragic humanitarian conditions, as they have lost all means of living and are living under critical weather conditions caused by rains and flooding”.

Heavy rains in Sudan usually take place in August and are accompanied by flooding.

The agency said local hospitals had admitted “numerous” people who were injured during the fighting. But Governor of North Darfur region, Osman Kibir, was quoted as ensuring the displaced that assistance was on its way to help the affected families.
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