100,000 Sudanese voters registered abroad

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Only 100,000 Sudanese, eligible to participate in their first polls in 25 years, were registered in 18 countries while a record 83% of the target number of 19.
8 million others was achieved within the country, according to sources close to the three-day Sudanese polls which began Sunday.
According to a report by the National Elections Commission on, the low number of Sudanese in the diaspora is because majority of them are refugees, and as such, not eligible to vote since they do not have valid passports and legal residence permits.
The National Elections Act states that "a Sudanese resident outside the Sudan, and possesses a Sudanese passport and a valid resident visa in the host country,and satisfies the conditions provided for under paragraph a, b, and d of section 21 (18 years old, registered in the Electoral Register, and of sound mind), shall have the right to apply for registration for election of the President of the Republic or Referendum, in accordance with the Rules".

11 april 2010 19:12:00

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