"Touring" FIFA World Cup trophy to hit Uganda in March

Kampala, Uganda (PANA) - Ugandan football fans will have an opportunity to see the FIFA World Cup trophy as it will be on display for two days at the Lugogo Stadium.

The trophy tour is sponsored by Coca-Cola and the company’s officials told reporters in Kampala that the display will serve as one avenue of cementing their relationship with their customers and the soccer fans.

The trophy, which will be received by Ugandan government officials or the President on 6 March, will be available for the rest of Ugandans to view inside the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala a day later.

According to the FIFA media channel, fans will have to buy a bottle of soft drink made by one of the world’s leading beverage companies, Coca-Cola, to gain entry into the Lugogo oval.

"We are proud to welcome the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Uganda for the second time," said Miriam Limo, the company's senior brand manager in Uganda.

Limo said that Uganda was chosen among 10 countries in Africa to host the trophy through competitive bidding that focused on security, capacity to host among other factors.

Meanwhile, FIFA President Gianni Infantino also echoed the sponsor’s sentiments that the trophy is serving as a unifying force worldwide.

"In the world of sports, no symbol stands stronger than the FIFA World Cup Trophy," Infantino said.

The Jules Rimet trophy will visit only 10 countries in Africa and this will be the second time coming to the East African country since 2009.
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