Somali army officer murdered by armed men

Mogadishu, Somalia (PANA) - Armed men  murdered on Tuesday evening murdered Somali army Mohamed Hassan Issa, near his house, before running away, the local media have announced.

The security forces arrived  n  at the scene but could not arrest the perpetrators of the crime, the media stated, recalling that the killing of this officer comes a day after that of another officer which occurred also in the same area of Mogadishu.

Furthermore, the same sources announced by that the Somali armed forces have killed many  ''Al shabab'' militias affiliated to al-Qaida organization which had conducted an attack against an army barracks in the region of Bossaso, stating that five rebels were killed, many others wounded and weapons and ammunition seized.
-0- PANA YY/IN/JSG/BBA 21March2018

21 مارس 2018 09:52:03

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