SA party leader condemns violence in Abidjan

Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) - The random acts of violence in Abidjan must be condemned by all peace loving Africans, according to South Africa's African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Kenneth Meshoe.

"The aerial bombing of the presidential palace, presidential residence and two military barracks by the French and UN helicopters in Abidjan must be condemned by all Africans who believe in a peaceful resolution of electoral disputes on the African continent,” he said here Friday.

Moshoe said the loss of innocent lives in the ongoing struggle for power and control after the disputed presidential elections in Cote d'Ivoire would have been minimised if France and the UN, in particular, did not take sides in the dispute.

“The UN soldiers under the apparent influence of France seem to have abdicated their role as peacemakers in Ivory Coast to that of an aggressor on the side of Alassane Ouattara´s rebels. The bombing of Abidjan by France and UN helicopters in support of Alassane Ouattara´s rebels is scandalous, wicked and unjust.

''Claims that it was done to protect civilians are nothing but lies and sophisticated propaganda. I suspect that the aim of the bombings was to perpetuate France´s control of the Ivory Coast economy and military,” he said.

The ACDP leader said that if France and the UN did not want to see the loss of innocent lives in Cote d'Ivoire, then why did they repeatedly reject calls for an investigation into alleged vote rigging, fraud, human right abuses and a vote recount by the aggrieved party?

“Why did they question the credentials and authority of the Constitutional Council after they announced the final results whereas they accepted the announcement the very same Constitutional Council made after the first round of the presidential elections? I wonder who gave France, the former colonial master of Ivory Coast, the right to take over the Abidjan airport in a sovereign country. Are African countries free and sovereign only if they bow to the wishes of former colonialists?” Moshoe queried.

South Africa is perceived as backing incumbent Laurent Gbagbo, even after the regional bloc ECOWAS, African Union and the UN  have all endorsed Ouattara as the winner of Cote d'Ivoire's presidential election and asked Gbagbo to quit.
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