"Peace Ship" to sail River Congo in July

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- A "Peace Ship" will sail on River Congo next month bound for Mbandaka, capital of the north-western DR Congo province of Equateur, carrying medicine, clothes, school equipment and tools for the local population.
According to the newsletter published by the UN Observer Mission in the Congo (MONUC), the project was initiated by the mission in collaboration with UN agencies and humanitarian organisations.
On the return trip to Kinshasa, the ship will carry maize bought two years ago from DR Congo farmers by the European Union and stored at the Malago port, where other products such as coffee and palm oil belonging to dealers are stranded.
The reopening of the River Congo, announced 20 May, was due to take effect on 7 June when a MONUC barge sets sail from Mbandaka to Kisangani in the north-eastern province.
A UN source said the barge would be escorted by two MONUC launches.
The two launches will check the navigability of the river all the way to Kisangani, in addition to securing the convoys.
Since the war in the DR Congo broke out on 2 August 1998, there has been no beaconing work on the river.

07 june 2001 16:40:00

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