'Over 40% of HIV+ Nigerians don't know their status

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - Over 40% of Nigerians who are carrying the virus that causes AIDS do not know their status, the Director-General of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Prof. John Idoko, has said.

Addressing a Senate public hearing on a bill to prohibit discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS, in the capital city of Abuja Tuesday, the NACA boss said 3.4 million Nigerians, out of the country's population of 160 million, is living with the AIDS virus.

The number makes Nigeria the country with the second highest HIV burden in the world.

The local media on Wednesday quoted Prof. Idoko as saying, however, that the national prevalence has stabilised at about four per cent, and that 13 of the country's 36 states still carried higher burden.

The NACA boss also said that Nigeria was behind target in several important indicators, adding that one of every three people in need of anti-retroviral drugs was currently receiving treatment, and that only 18 per cent of HIV positive women received prophylaxis against mother-child transmission.
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