'Only 30% of pregnant women in Burundi screened for HIV in 2010'

Bujumbura, Burundi (PANA) - Less than 30 per cent of pregnant women in Burundi were screened for HIV/AIDS and guided on how to prevent mother to child transmission (PMTCT) last year, PANA learnt here Thursday from medical sources.

This was disclosed during a public debate, held as part of the launch of the African Media Against HIV/AIDS (MA-HIV) and hosted by the Panos Institute in Paris, with financial support from the European Union (EU) Commission.

The MA-HIV project, which covers Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and the Central African Republic (CAR), is aimed at building capacity among journalists from the three countries in covering the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In Burundi, scaling up HIV testing among pregnant women remains a major challenge, especially as pre-natal care is lacking and women still give birth at home, Dr. Celine Kayonga, in charge of PMTCT at the Burundian Ministry of Public Health, said.

Kayonga said although the PMTCT programme was set up by the Ministry of Public Health as the fight against AIDS gathered momentum in 2000, few women took advantage of the programme.
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