'No HIV/AIDS vaccine in the short-term'

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The director of the National Agency of Research on HIV/A IDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS), Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, declared on F riday in Dakar that there is no vaccine in the short-term to fight the HIV/AIDS e pidemic.
"The manufacturing of a preventive or therapeutic vaccine against HIV is a long course and it is certainly one of the toughest scientific challenges," he said a t a news conference at the international conference on HIV/AIDS and sexually tran s mited infections in Africa (ICASA) in the Senegalese capital.
Mr Delfraissy said since the first vaccine test, more than 80 tests in stages I and II had been conducted, the majority in Europe and the United States, and onl y one clinical test reached stage III, but even that has been without success.
"About 40 tests are being studied and among them is a vaccine which has been of interest to the ANRS for 10 years.
" According to him, clinical research should continue to stress new therapeutic st rategies in the framework of tests being conducted in accordance with good clini c al practices in dialogue and partnership with the scientific circle and pharmace u tical industry.
"Researchers in public health, human and social sciences have a determining role in the study of prevention behaviours and of access to treatment and the health system," he said.
"It is necessary to carry on progressing in the knowledge of the immune mechanis ms, to improve the candidate-vaccines we have, evaluate their tolerance and thei r immunogenicity in the framework of tests," Delfraissy added.

05 december 2008 23:22:00

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