'Africa loses $2 billion annually through brain drain in health sector'

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The new report on Good Governance released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation indicates that only three African countries - Libya, Mauritius and Tunisia - have at least one doctor per 1,000 people, while Africa loses around $2 billion annually through brain drain in the health sector.

The report, dubbed "2018 Ibrahim Forum Report: Public Service in Africa" that was presented on the sidelines of the "Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend", indicates that in sub-Saharan Africa, the average for private health expenditure is 57.4%, more than twice the level of Europe and Central Asia.

According to the latest findings, Burundi remains the African country least able to hold on to its top talent while Algeria, Mauritania, Chad and Guinea round out the top five countries unable to retain their top talents.

This movement and crisis is most clearly shown by examining Africa’s medical field, it said.

The report further assesses the current state of African public services and their key challenges, both from the job attractiveness side and from the delivery side.

Many Indices point to a low and decreasing level of open government practices in Africa.

The said that in e-government, Africa lags far behind the global average. In Rwanda, the delivery time of an emergency blood supply with drones is reduced to 30 minutes from three hours by road.
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27 Abril 2018 10:07:30

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